Distributed Antenna Systems, DAS


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Distributed Antenna Systems, DAS

DAS – In building Wireless Communication Systems Contractor

Distributed Antenna Systems, DAS

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) eliminate dead spots for cell phones by picking up and repeating signals throughout office buildings, warehouses and other structures. They are increasingly popular for businesses who want to provide clients and employees with seamless voice and data communication wherever they are. Designing and installing successful distributed antenna systems requires in-depth expertise and years of experience in cable plant installation, and knowledge of up to five different types of cable, multi-directional antennas, and other technologies. And when it comes to expertise and experience, few companies can match KTS. We partner with leading distributed antenna vendors to design and implement advanced DAS systems for businesses of all sizes. 

Based in the Boston area, KTS is in a unique position to offer “In-Building Wireless” solutions. These systems allow cell phones and PDAs to operate as effectively inside building structures as they work outside. 

Improving building wireless capability enhances business productivity; improves public safety through ensuring communications with law enforcement and/or emergency service organizations; and is viewed as a necessity to building patrons. Key industries incorporating “In-Building Wireless” infrastructure include:

  • Financial Services 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Healthcare 
  • Hospitality 
  • Municipal 
  • Education 
  • Multi-Tenant 
  • Transportation 

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KTS designs and installs solutions for wireless applications, including: 800 – 850 MHz, 900 MHz Public Safety and Cellular PCS. These RF (radio frequency) requirements are used to provide or extend service to: 

Buildings - office towers, convention centers, airports, malls, parking garages, factories, police & fire stations, correctional facilities and underground facilities, and a variety of tunnels, such as automotive, train, pedestrian, and subway. 

KTS distributed antenna services include experienced Registered Communication Distribution Designers (RCDDs) who work with your unique voice privacy or unwanted noise suppression requirements. KTS is certified by and partners with leading DAS equipment manufacturers. 

KTS Services include: Turn-Key Projects, Design & Documentation, Installation, Engineering, System Commissioning and System Maintenance.

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